How to Make a Soy Blend Candle

A soy blend candle is a beautiful option that burns cleanly and naturally without the use of toxic chemicals. Its scent is reminiscent of the sea. A hand blown recycled glass vessel beautifully reflects the candle light. It burns for up to 45 hours before requiring a new replacement. There are several ways to maintain a soy blend candle. Here are some tips. If you're considering making your own candle, here are a few things to keep in mind.
These Soy Blend candle cashmere vanilla have a stronger scent than paraffin wax candles. This is because soy's molecular structure makes it difficult to hold fragrance oil. Most soy candles contain additives to improve their scent. For those who don't like a strong fragrance, a soy blend candle will be a better choice. The soy wax also catches color well. This allows you to make more unique scent combinations. To make a beautiful soy blend candle, follow these tips.
The most important thing to remember when purchasing a soy blend candle is that soy candles are not made of pure soy wax. Instead, they are made of a blend of soy wax and paraffin wax. Soy wax is healthier for you than paraffin wax, but it does produce carcinogens. Paraffin wax produces black soot, which is visible. It also produces higher levels of harmful carcinogens.
The soy wax used to create a soy votive/pillar candle is usually made of a soy wax and vegetable oils. While some soy container waxes are completely soy, they also contain additives to prevent frosting and maintain color. The high level of fragrance in soy wax means that it doesn't contribute to crystal growth or frosting. This doesn't affect the quality of soy wax, but rather its appearance.
To add fragrance, essential oil, or dye to a soy blend candle, heat the mixture until it reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Stir well to ensure the fragrance oil disperses properly. The amount of scent you add will vary, but the average range is between six and ten percent. The ratio of fragrance oil to soy wax is 85%. The final temperature is regulated by the temperature of the wax.
Soy wax has some problems, including poor burning qualities, scent throw, and an unsightly appearance. However, it's an excellent alternative to paraffin wax. Soy oil, a by-product of the massive soybean industry, is cheap and easily available. However, this wax is associated with deforestation. Recent Amazon fires have been linked to the soy industry. Regardless of the negative aspects, soy candles are a great choice for anyone concerned about the environment.
When choosing a Soy Blend Candle, it's important to understand the waxes used in the candle. Soy wax contains more chemicals than paraffin, so a soy candle will hold the scent more effectively. Likewise, beeswax is biodegradable and does not release toxic fumes. Food-grade paraffin is also an excellent choice. The two types of wax have different purposes, but the bottom line is that you should choose one that is made from 100% renewable and environmentally-friendly materials.

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